Monday, 24 December 2012

Ravaughn Talks Fashion Style, Best Date, Carmex and Her Favorites

Favorite looking spots...Lately, i really like boutiques. you'll be able to notice very little things that no one can wear. There’s solely sort of a few created and since I board L.A. I will visit Melrose and city and that they have the simplest boutiques. Outside of that, I back up like Nordstrom and Bloomingdales as a result of they need an outsized array of things. i really like to buy, however i favor to travel in and acquire what i need and leave. I’m not associate all day shopper, wherever I’m within the store all day. I’ll accompany my friends and I’m like ‘okay, I’m getting to meet you back as a result of I’m not getting to be in here all day.’ i favor to urge in and acquire out.

Best concert...My folks truly took ME to a Janet Jackson concert, i believe once she did Velvet Rope, I don’t keep in mind, that concert it had been or that album it had been for, however i assumed it had been therefore cool as a result of they'd a machine decide U.S. up with a number of my friends and a few of their friends and that we went which was truly my initial concert which was in all probability the foremost unforgettable as a result of it had been the primary one. to visualize her on stage, i used to be like ‘this is unimaginable.’ She puts on a full show, she was propulsion folks from the audience and folks were on stage freaking out and crying and that i was like ‘woah, this can be crazy.’ however that’s my most unforgettable concert.

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